Ciconia’s decentralised Control & Collision Avoidance System (C&CAS) allows more traffic  maintaining highest safety standards 

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We specialise in collision avoidance systems for aerial platforms. We developed unique algorithm capabilities that enable near zero positive and negative false alarm rates for collision avoidance systems we produce. Headquartered in Ness-Ziona, Israel, with representation in the United States (Ciconia US Inc.), Ciconia's services and capabilities include development of integrated solutions comprising Ciconia and third party products, applications, resources and solutions.



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To enable all flying platforms to share airspace safely 

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To provide real-time mid-air conflict management and collision avoidance

​Improve airspace utilization for up-scaled safe aerial transportation 



of mid-air dangerous events


of near



of aircraft


All could have been avoided


In the Woods


Small proven anti-collision system with onboard piloting cues.

Drone over a River


Helicopters, light aircraft, UAS and drone compatible

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One size fits all

Flexible integration variability options

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Deconfliction & Separation Management
Executive Summary



Dr. Ilan Zohar   (Lt. Col. Ret.)

Co-Founder, Drones Interface Expert

LTC. (Res.) Lead Communications and Computer Engineering specialist, Former IDF Commander of the Elite Comm/Electronics unit.

Ilan has vast experience in drones control, automation and operations.

Doug Coates

Director, Ciconia US

Product Launch Specialist. A veteran of multiple start-ups with more than 30 years’ experience leading multinational teams and launching products in the aerospace, automotive and commercial/military satellite communications industries. 

Gil Yannai (Lt. Col. Ret.) Co-Founder, BD  V.P.

Experimental Test Pilot, Former IAF Flight Test Center Commander, 787 airline captain, 15 years experience in aviation industry management and Business Development

Moshe Cohen (Col. Ret.)

Co-Founder, CEO.

Former Israeli Air Force Cobra & Apache squadrons commander, lecturer at the Israeli National Defence College, 20 years experience in industry management and Business Development

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